Architecture of Necessity 2013

Architecture of Necessity 2013What can be submitted?

Entries can be buildings or social and city planning projects of all sizes. Submissions have to fall within the scope of the Architecture of Necessity. Entries are accepted from professionally active individuals or legal persons such builders, architectural bureaus, local government, construction firms or other companies. The submitted projects must be dated between 2010 and 2013, but do not have to be realised.

How should the entries be presented?

Entries should be presented on four A3 pages, landscape format, in one PDF document. Maximum file size 20MB. The submitted material must include a short text describing the project in relation to the Architecture of Necessity. The text should be in 12p Helvetica Neue Light and contain no more than 2,800 characters. Site plans, sections, illustrations and photographs should be enclosed.

Every entry must be submitted only once, via email. This email should contain:

Complete contact details of the participant (name, telephone number, mobile phone number, postal address and current email address), as well as the motto of the entry. The project should be attached to the email as a single PDF document. The motto should be clearly stated in the presentation text. The presentation itself shall not include name, address, company name, branding or logo. Please submit entries to:

Architecture of Necessity 2013

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