Shake up your city | Future Cities Project


The Future Cities Project is a FP7 European project which aims at unlocking the full potential of interdisciplinary research in urban technologies, as well as strengthening knowledge transfer activities in close cooperation with local and global industrial partners. A key goal is to turn the city of Porto into an urban-scale living lab, where researchers, companies and startups can develop and test technologies, products and services, exploring subjects such as: sustainable mobility, urban-scale sensing, safety and privacy, as well as quality of life for citizens and families. The project aims to work in a very inter-disciplinary way, engaging not only engineers and computer scientists, but also psychologists, urban studies specialists, and social scientists.

Intended as an annual event, the Future Cities Conference brings together stakeholders in academia, technology and public policy to address the challenges presented by the world’s growing population and rapid urbaniza­tion. Future Cities partners will explore and discuss various perspectives and solutions to meet these challenges, encouraging the collaboration across industry, education, business and government. The conference will be a rewarding event for academ­ics, technologists, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, city managers, and government officials, who want to understand and seize the challenges and opportunities of future cities worldwide.

Shake up your city

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